Baby Born Without Brain Gets Healed, Preaches The Word Of God

A baby born without a brain four decades ago says God created a brain for him and is inspiring others with his powerful testimony.

Jacob Phillips, 44, who is a resident of West Monroe, Louisiana, shares his story, which began at Louisiana’s Bossier General Hospital on Dec. 12, 1977. He was delivered by Caesarean section with “triple trouble,” and his doctors weren’t too hopeful that he would survive.

“I was born with hydrocephalus, more commonly known as water on the brain. I also had partial skull formation, which means I barely had any skull, and to top it all off, I had no brain,” Phillips said.

He adds, “My brain stem was what was keeping me alive. Finding this out, the doctor told my parents and family I wouldn’t live through the hour. I was given an immediate death sentence. I credit my faith in God for where I am today. I strive to keep a close relationship with God because He gave me what I needed to live.”

Phillips was blessed to have a Christian mother who prayed for God’s intervention and never gave up on him even. She had suffered a miscarriage with her first baby before some time he was born and on the day he was delivered, his dad was “extremely distraught”. “I can’t imagine what was going through my mom’s mind when the doctor gave the bad news. My dad was a quiet man who didn’t say much,” Phillips said.

While the family was clinging on to their faith in God for Phillips, his nurse Susie also demonstrated her faith and called her pastor Don Logan, of nearby Shreveport, with the approval of his mother. Phillips’s grandparents also called their pastor in West Monroe, Loel Ashbrook, whose friend, Duane Amis, happened to be in the office when they called.

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“I call these three men the Power Trio,” said Phillips. “They came to the hospital to pray for me. God created a brain in my head because of the preachers’ prayer.” In his book ‘Born Without A Brain,’ Phillips mentioned Nurse Susie’s recollections that she sent him via Facebook messenger, from a conversation she had with Pastor Duane Amis in 2014.

Nurse Susie wrote: “I remember the baby without a brain. His head was shaped like a peanut. He had hydrocephalus. We transferred him to Ochsner’s Hospital in New Orleans. The Lord healed that child. The neurosurgeon called him a vegetable that day; I was infuriated! The baby’s head was so filled with fluid, doctors didn’t know if surgery would help. I think Jacob [Phillips] was 3 when his mom brought him back to see me. I wept that day! I am so thankful the Lord let me see His power.”

He says that growing up amid people of faith helped him to overcome the negativity around him and he became “born again” at 10 years of age in his uncle’s children’s church. He was called into ministry at the early age of 17, and after 25 years he became a licensed and ordained evangelist minister.

He and his wife of 12 years, Charlene, 42, run a ministry called ‘Sons of Righteousness’ and travel across the country to share the goodness of God.

Phillips’ book “Born Without a Brain,” share the story of his life and inspire others in faith. He had to wait for 9 years to publish it. “I have a friend in Oregon who helped me get started, and a friend in Mississippi hooked me up with a publisher in West Virginia who would ultimately help me get published on Amazon,” he said. “I wanted to get my story out to show God still does miracles, and He wants to do something in the lives of others.”

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ALSO READ The Living Proof of the Power of Prayer


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