Hundreds of female inmates baptized at  Denver Women’s Correctional Facility

God Behind Bars is a prison ministry that partners with churches around the United States to transform the lives of prison inmates and their families; they recently baptized hundreds of female inmates who surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ and immediately were baptized at a correctional facility in Denver, Colorado.

“265 female inmates baptized at our Denver Women’s Correctional Facility Many of the women gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized on the spot! REVIVAL BEHIND BARS!! Thank you @redrockschurch / @redrocksoutreach,”  God Behind Bars wrote on Instagram.

The prison ministry first launched its worship service at a Nevada correctional facility in 2009. Jake Bodine, founder and CEO of God Behind Bars, explained that during the worship service, inmates started to “pour into the room” and worship the Lord. “Our team began to dream, what if we were able to reproduce this in 5,000 prisons around the world,” Bodine said.

“We were able to launch in prisons in Alaska, Colorado, Florida, and Texas,” Bodine explained. “Wardens began to tell us that the culture in the prison is changing every single day, that the men and women in the prison are improving their outlook on self-worth. We’re watching inmates and families be restored for the very first time.

He said, “The most common thing our team hears is that for one hour, they didn’t feel like they were in prison.” “This was the first time that some inmates had ever heard the name of Jesus. At this prison, we have seen hundreds of inmates give their lives to Jesus in the last two months.”

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God Behind Bars also partnered with Christian worship group Maverick City Music and artist Kirk Franklin, along with an all-inmate choir, for a live worship experience at a south Florida correctional facility.

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