Nigeria Can Only Get It Right Through God’s Intervention —Apostle Popoola

Apostle Sunday Popoola is the President and Set man of Word Communication Ministries (WOCOM). In this interview, he speaks on national issues and the unity of the churches in Nigeria in overcoming its challenges.

The situation in the country seems hopeless. Even the choices of Nigerians seem limited now. Do you think there is hope that we might get it right?

I believe through God’s mercy and intervention we will get it right, but looking at what is on the ground politically, Nigeria is in a very dismal situation. Honestly, in 2015 we had hoped that we had a messiah, but President Muhammadu Buhari, coming on the scene was not near the solution. If you flash your mind back, after he won the election, the corruption index dropped because people believed he is a no-nonsense person and that he will not allow any form of corruption in his government. When he came in and completed his first term, the hopes of Nigerians got shattered. We have been so disappointed and at some point, we felt deceived because I witnessed him say that ‘I want to prove that Nigeria can work and I believed it. This is a man who had been the Head of State, and risen to the position of a General in the Nigeria Army and eventually became the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces as the president.

Do you believe that the attack on the church and the kidnapping of clerics are part of a grand plan against the church?

It is obvious and no prophet needs to explain that there is a plan to take the church out of the nation to fulfil their agenda. The church seems to be the stumbling block, especially in the way of their Jihadist agenda. Before now, nobody cared; we lived with one another. I have a lot of Muslim friends. I didn’t care about your religion but cared about your heart, your uprightness, fairness, and how loving you are. I am not bothered about your religion, but it is different now. We have seen people who have set themselves to humiliate the church. It is an impossible task anyway.

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It was said in some quarters that Christians played a major role in the recent Osun State governorship election. Is this a signal from the Nigerian Christians at large concerning the 2023 election?

It looks so. I think it is a sign to our political class that people are fed up with the present arrangement. It is a warning sign that people are angry about how Nigeria is presently being governed.

How do you think Christians in Nigeria can overcome the security challenges?

Honestly, we need God’s intervention and I believe that we will experience God’s intervention when the Christians unite and cry to God. Our Bible is full of divine interventions. The God that did it for people in those days is still alive today and He still intervenes in the affairs of men today. I am confident to tell you that massive prayers are going on; people are tired and fed up with the situation of the country. I also believed that when you push a goat to the wall it will bite; when people perceive danger to their lives, they will put up a defence.

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