Parents told by a doctor to abort quintuplets make Guinness World Record

Following years of miscarriages, a married couple was able to have seven children, including quintuplets in which they were able to set a Guinness World Record. After five years of marriage, Chad and Amy Kempel first decided to have children in 2012, which unfortunately resulted in a miscarriage. A year later, the couple once again faced another loss after Amy became pregnant with twin boys in which both died within an hour of their birth.

Despite the losses and heartbreak, Chad believed that he and his wife were destined to have a family of their own. He said, “I’m more glass is half full and Amy is half empty. She thought after we lost the twins that it was never gonna happen and I was just the opposite; that finally proves we can get pregnant and have children. We’re almost there and I just felt that we were meant to have children. Our ideas of life involved family.”

In 2014, the Kempels successfully welcomed their first daughter, Savannah, and their second daughter, Avery, was born in 2016. Amy, who became pregnant again in 2017, found out via ultrasound that she was going to have five babies.

Additionally, Chad shared that a doctor suggested Amy should abort some of the babies as they will likely die since there were multiple fetuses. Despite the risk involved with carrying five babies, the couple took a leap of faith and left the matter in God’s hands.

On Jan. 11, 2018, the Kemps welcomed the quintuplets, three boys and two girls: Lincoln, Noelle, Grayson, Preston, and Gabriella. “The day they were born at 27 weeks and 3 days, we were told minutes after birth that everyone is healthy. They are small and fragile, but everyone is healthy. It switched to extreme gratitude and every day I thank Him,” Chad said.   Through all of our suffering, I learned that nothing else matters in life, don’t give up on it, there are options. Don’t listen to the doctors when they have a negative outlook on things,” he continued. “If you have a faith, belief in things unseen, then that’s the time to lean on it.”

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