Russell Moore Named New Editor Of US Christianity Today

The former ethicist of the US Southern Baptist denomination, Russell Moore has been named the new editor of Christianity Today magazine.

Russell Moore, who joined the news outlet in 2019 as a public theologian has taken over the editorial leadership from Tim Dalrymple.

In an article announcing the news, Dalrymple described Moore as “a person in possession of extraordinary talents but talent alone is not the reason for our excitement,” he said.

“Moore has demonstrated, time and again, the courage to express his convictions and the integrity to live by them. Sometimes this has meant contending for essential biblical and theological truths in the public square. Sometimes it has meant declaring truths to the church that challenge and convict us,” Dalrymple continued.

Christianity Today was founded in 1956 by evangelist Billy Graham and is considered by many to be the premier publication for evangelicals in the US.

It was initially launched as a print magazine but has since expanded online, reaching millions of people every month.

In his new role, Moore will be responsible for setting the vision and direction of the editorial team.

Dalrymple added, “The basic question that animates our work is What does it look like to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ in our time?

“We hope to be for a new generation what we were for Moore himself when he came across Christianity Today at the age of 15, a capacious and compelling vision of Christian life that opens a path through a fallen world and into the kingdom of God.”

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He concluded, “We were honoured to bring Russell Moore onto the team a little over a year ago. Now we look forward to what he, Allmond, and our extraordinary editorial team can accomplish in the years ahead.”

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