Stroke Survivor Shares How She Found God In Darkness

Katherine Wolf, author, former beauty queen and speaker shares how she found God in darkness and suffering.

In April 2008, 26-years-old Katherine Wolf had a massive brain stem stroke which led to brain bleed. It happened six months after she gave birth to her first child, James.

She miraculously survived after 16 hours of surgery, but couldn’t walk, talk or swallow. She also had double vision, right ear deafness, and right-side facial paralysis.

“Suffering well begins with not being so scared of the hard stories and wrestling with the sad and bittersweet nature of life and not being afraid to talk about that and again find God in the midst of it,” Jay said. “We don’t need to be afraid of suffering because as believers, we can be confident that struggles will give us depth and richness to our experiences with God and with one another.”

Katherine and Jay are together inspiring generations with their story of overcoming darkness with the light of God. This is what we need to take us through this time of the coronavirus pandemic and all other trials and tribulations we may be facing in our lives.

Katherine Wolf is a survivor, communicator, and advocate. Originally from the South, she met her husband, Jay, in college. The 22-year-old couple married and moved to Los Angeles where Jay was pursuing a law degree and Katherine began modelling.

Six months after their son James was born in 2007, at the age of 26, Katherine suffered a massive and catastrophic brain stem stroke that nearly ended her life.

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Against all the odds, she survived and Katherine’s life was saved but forever changed, as was their marriage. Seven years after the stroke, the couple welcomed their second miracle son, John into their lives.

Katherine is a charismatic and dynamic force that brings humour and joy to all she meets. The two are speakers, authors and founders of the non-profit ministry, Hope Heals. They also co-authored “HOPE HEALS”, the account of her near death and their new life, told from both of their perspectives.

Their second book, “SUFFER STRONG: How to survive anything by redefining everything” released in February 2020.

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